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Sl.No. Emp. Name Designation Department Photo View Details
1.  Prof. Dr. Abha Singh  Principal   . View Details
2.  Dr. Gulab Phalahari  Associate Professor  Economics View Details
3.  Dr. Md. Shahab Uddin  Associate Professor  Pol. Science View Details
4.  Dr. Ajay Kumar  Associate Professor  Psychology View Details
5.  Dr. Md. Arshad Ali  Assistant Professor  Philosophy View Details
6.  Dr. Nabarun Ghosh  Assistant Professor  English View Details
7.  Dr. Md. Aslam Parwez  Assistant Professor  English View Details
8.  Sri. Amrit Lal Jaiswal  Assistant Professor  Economics View Details
9.  Sri Chandan Kumar  Assistant Professor  Psychology View Details
10.  Dr. Amresh Kumar  Assistant Professor  Hindi View Details
11.  Dr. Ritika Pandey  Assistant Professor  Zoology View Details
12.  Dr. Rajeev Nayan  Associate Prof.  History View Details
13.  Dr. Ajay Kumar  Assistant Professor  Botany View Details
14.  Dr. Satyendra Pandey  Assistant Professor  Sanskrit View Details
15.  Smt. Siddhu Kumari  Assistant Professor  Pol. Science View Details
16.  Dr. Sunil Kumar  Associate Professor  Mathematics View Details
17.  Dr.Shehzad Akhtar Ansari  Assistant Professor  Urdu View Details
18.  Dr. Shiromani Singh  Assistant Professor  Hindi View Details
19.  Dr. Kumar Kaushalendra  Assistant Professor  Chemistry . View Details
20.  Dr. Om Prakash Dubey  Assistant Professor  Mathematics . View Details
  Important Notice for UG Sem-I Students; Session-2023-27;
  Important Notice regarding registration; Dated - 15/09/2023
  Short Tender Notice;01/09/2023
  Important Notice; Date - 17/08/2023
  Short Tender Notice; Dated - 14/08/2023
  Short Tender Notice; Dated - 07/07/2023
  Extension of Date of filling of Examination form of UG Part-I, Session-2021-24; Dated - 13/02/2023
  Notice regarding Practical examination of psychology UG PART-III; Session-2019-22; Dated - 13/02/2023
  Important Notice; Dated - 04/01/2023
  Important Notice; 05/12/2022
  Tender Notice; Dated-30/11/2022
  Notice For Smart Card; 28/11/2022
  Notice regarding Sent Up Examination of Intermediate 2nd Year, Session-2021-23; Dated - 29/09/2022
  Important Notice; Dated - 19/09/2022
  Intermediate session-2021-23 registration notice; 08/08/2022
  Notice regarding Extension of date of Filling up examination form, UG-II session-2019-22; Dated-14/07/2022
  Extension of filling up admission form of UG Part-II, Session-2019-22 and UG Part-III, Session-2018-21; Dated - 27/06/2022
  Extension date of filling up examination form of degree-II; Session-2019-22 and III; Session-2018-21; Dated-25/05/2022
  Notice regarding extension of date of exam form degree - III Session-2018-21 and degree - II Session-2019-22;
  Notice regarding test examination intermediate -I SESSION-2021-23 and change of college time; dated-19-05-2022
  Notice/Time-table of Graduation part-I; Practical Examination-2021; Dated-18/04/2022
  Date of Examination Form (UG-II & UG-III); Dated - 15-03-2022
  Notice regarding admission in UG-III, Session-2018-21; dated:-01/02/2022
  Notice regarding admission in UG-II, Session-2019-22; dated:-22/01/2022
  Tender notice; Dated-30-10-2021
  Important Notice for Retired Staffs of the college; Dated : - 26/10/2021
  Short Tender Notice; Dated-06/10/2021
  Extension of Date of filling of Examination form of UG Part-I, Session-2021-24
  Extension of Date of filling of Examination form of UG Part-I, Session-2021-24
  Notice For Smart Card; 28/10/2021
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Prof. Dr. Abha Singh
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