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1.       Title of the Practice: Online teaching learning during Covid-19 2. Objective of the practice: We have been passing through one of the most difficult phases in our life for the last one and a half year. Physical contacts with people have been severely restricted due to the Covid protocols. In this situation the primary task of an educational institution is to maintain the normal academic exercises as far as possible. Adapting more and more to the online mode in order to overcome the situational impediments is the objective of the practice. 3. The Context: Since 22 March 2020 educational institutions were declared closed in Bihar due to the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic. The prime minister of India declared lockdown all over India since 25 March 2020. Every normal activity was stalled. The first few months were the time when almost all economic and academic activities in public life came to a sudden halt. After one or two months, efforts had been made to cope up with the new situation. Adapting to online mode by teaching through online classes, arranging webinars, conducting online meetings, administrative activities and online publication of college -journal was the only way out. This is the context where the institution stepped forward and made its mark. 4. The Practice: The college tried to evolve its activities through online mode in the new situation as far as possible. The teachers from various departments felt the need to reach out to the students during lockdown. The departments started functioning through online classes using zoom, google or webex platforms, uploading of studymaterial or PPT presentation or audio lecture in college website or WhatsApp groups. However, teachers continued the teaching and evaluation over quite a few months on their individual capacity using their own resources. 5. Evidence of Success: Classes were regularized in online mode and teaching-evaluation process resumed. The series of webinars, online student seminars and online issue of research journal revived the academic exercises of the institution. 6. Problems Encountered and Resources Required: The shift to online classes was not a choice but a compulsion. For students from the economically backward section of the society it is difficult to spend regularly for data packs. All of them could not afford to buy smart phones, tabs or computers. The institution did not have enough resources to support the financially challenged. Hence the online teaching is consistently widening the gap between the rich and the poor. 1. Title of the Practice: Student Diversity 2. Objectives of the Practice ? To create an atmosphere wherein, students learn from each other as well as help and encourage each other ? To ensure that students build social skills such as empathy, understanding and kindness ? To help in developing the community by providing equal opportunity to all the students 3. The Context: Jagjiwan College follows a policy wherein, a mixed crowd of students coexist within the college campus and learn from each other. The institution encourages a system of admission without any bias and thereby, has a diverse crowd consisting of non-traditional learners and first generation students, quick learners/ academically challenging students, academically challenged students and students from different linguistic, social and cultural backgrounds. 4. The Practice The institution follows a system of admission without any bias. Students from a diverse crowd including non-traditional learners, first generation students, quick learners, academically challenged students and students from different linguistic, social and cultural backgrounds are admitted into the college. These students are also provided with necessary support and advancement opportunities. 5. Evidence of Success ? The sheer number of students from diverse sections of society who apply to study in the college ? The number of students who come from diverse backgrounds and complete their degree and secure placements ? The number of admissions granted to students irrespective of their backgrounds 6. Problems Encountered and Resources Required: ? Financial support and scholarships ? A solid system of support to ensure that students are adjusting well to the new atmosphere

  Important Notice for UG Sem-I Students; Session-2023-27;
  Important Notice regarding registration; Dated - 15/09/2023
  Short Tender Notice;01/09/2023
  Important Notice; Date - 17/08/2023
  Short Tender Notice; Dated - 14/08/2023
  Short Tender Notice; Dated - 07/07/2023
  Extension of Date of filling of Examination form of UG Part-I, Session-2021-24; Dated - 13/02/2023
  Notice regarding Practical examination of psychology UG PART-III; Session-2019-22; Dated - 13/02/2023
  Important Notice; Dated - 04/01/2023
  Important Notice; 05/12/2022
  Tender Notice; Dated-30/11/2022
  Notice For Smart Card; 28/11/2022
  Notice regarding Sent Up Examination of Intermediate 2nd Year, Session-2021-23; Dated - 29/09/2022
  Important Notice; Dated - 19/09/2022
  Intermediate session-2021-23 registration notice; 08/08/2022
  Notice regarding Extension of date of Filling up examination form, UG-II session-2019-22; Dated-14/07/2022
  Extension of filling up admission form of UG Part-II, Session-2019-22 and UG Part-III, Session-2018-21; Dated - 27/06/2022
  Extension date of filling up examination form of degree-II; Session-2019-22 and III; Session-2018-21; Dated-25/05/2022
  Notice regarding extension of date of exam form degree - III Session-2018-21 and degree - II Session-2019-22;
  Notice regarding test examination intermediate -I SESSION-2021-23 and change of college time; dated-19-05-2022
  Notice/Time-table of Graduation part-I; Practical Examination-2021; Dated-18/04/2022
  Date of Examination Form (UG-II & UG-III); Dated - 15-03-2022
  Notice regarding admission in UG-III, Session-2018-21; dated:-01/02/2022
  Notice regarding admission in UG-II, Session-2019-22; dated:-22/01/2022
  Tender notice; Dated-30-10-2021
  Important Notice for Retired Staffs of the college; Dated : - 26/10/2021
  Short Tender Notice; Dated-06/10/2021
  Extension of Date of filling of Examination form of UG Part-I, Session-2021-24
  Extension of Date of filling of Examination form of UG Part-I, Session-2021-24
  Notice For Smart Card; 28/10/2021
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