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Best Practice 1: Providing academic and skill-oriented help to Economically poor students by the College. Objectives: The Vision and Mission of the college stress on the importance of giving value based Higher Education to youth through academic pursuit for excellence, community involvement and empowerment of women. Encourage a student to identify a teacher in her making herself reliant and competent. Context: Faculty members with the coordinator visit the houses of these students. House visits enable in assessing the student individually and understand their financial crisis. Financial assistance is provided to meet the expenses if required. Evidence of Success: There is a marked progress in the overall performance of the students. The students are motivated to perform better in their studies and also develop interpersonal skills. Parents feel at home with the teachers who have visited their homes. They are able to communicate more freely on the problems related to their children. There is considerable reduction in the dropout and failure rates. This healthy practice enhances credibility and employ ability enhances upward mobility in the employment ladder the spirit of academic adventure is kept alive promotes progressive group behavior. Problems encountered and Resources Required: Lack of awareness and commitment to be on time for extra classes, specially IT, language and soft skills. The tight schedule of time table leaves little time for house visits. Teachers have to make use of spare time and holidays to visit the homes of students. Orientation of faculty is needed and timely guidance while selecting the students who are truly economically disadvantaged. Best Practice 2: The College has always shown concern about the environmental issues, hence conducted programs like tobacco free campus, polythene free campus, plantation, sanitation drive etc. Use of plastic bags and cups are discouraged in the campus. Even in the canteen usage of steel plates/ leaf plates and steel cups or paper cups are mandatory. The primary goal is to provide a healthy environment and superior quality of life to the students during their short but important stay at the college campus.

  Important Notice for UG Sem-I Students; Session-2023-27;
  Important Notice regarding registration; Dated - 15/09/2023
  Short Tender Notice;01/09/2023
  Important Notice; Date - 17/08/2023
  Short Tender Notice; Dated - 14/08/2023
  Short Tender Notice; Dated - 07/07/2023
  Extension of Date of filling of Examination form of UG Part-I, Session-2021-24; Dated - 13/02/2023
  Notice regarding Practical examination of psychology UG PART-III; Session-2019-22; Dated - 13/02/2023
  Important Notice; Dated - 04/01/2023
  Important Notice; 05/12/2022
  Tender Notice; Dated-30/11/2022
  Notice For Smart Card; 28/11/2022
  Notice regarding Sent Up Examination of Intermediate 2nd Year, Session-2021-23; Dated - 29/09/2022
  Important Notice; Dated - 19/09/2022
  Intermediate session-2021-23 registration notice; 08/08/2022
  Notice regarding Extension of date of Filling up examination form, UG-II session-2019-22; Dated-14/07/2022
  Extension of filling up admission form of UG Part-II, Session-2019-22 and UG Part-III, Session-2018-21; Dated - 27/06/2022
  Extension date of filling up examination form of degree-II; Session-2019-22 and III; Session-2018-21; Dated-25/05/2022
  Notice regarding extension of date of exam form degree - III Session-2018-21 and degree - II Session-2019-22;
  Notice regarding test examination intermediate -I SESSION-2021-23 and change of college time; dated-19-05-2022
  Notice/Time-table of Graduation part-I; Practical Examination-2021; Dated-18/04/2022
  Date of Examination Form (UG-II & UG-III); Dated - 15-03-2022
  Notice regarding admission in UG-III, Session-2018-21; dated:-01/02/2022
  Notice regarding admission in UG-II, Session-2019-22; dated:-22/01/2022
  Tender notice; Dated-30-10-2021
  Important Notice for Retired Staffs of the college; Dated : - 26/10/2021
  Short Tender Notice; Dated-06/10/2021
  Extension of Date of filling of Examination form of UG Part-I, Session-2021-24
  Extension of Date of filling of Examination form of UG Part-I, Session-2021-24
  Notice For Smart Card; 28/10/2021
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